About BOSSUET Wine Barrels


Jean-Louis BOSSUET is a self-made man. In 1987, Jean-Louis took his skills as a forester and cooper and built Tonnellerie BOSSUET. Under the watchful eye of both he and his wife Christiane, the cooperage has grown a steady reputation for high-quality, cost-effective Bordeaux wine barrels. With an extensive background in forestry and his own log truck, Jean-Louis personally selects the standing oak he has bought at auction. The majority of his wood comes from haute futaie forests in central France and the Loire Valley.


Located in St. Simon-de-Bordes between Bordeaux and Cognac, Tonnellerie BOSSUET sits on six hectares. The cooperage and stave mill are separated from Jean-Louis’ house. With ducks flying in over-head, Jean-Louis has created a mini-ecosystem that benefits both the workers and the aging oak wine staves that are the basis for BOSSUET wine barrels.


Split fresh from BOSSUET’s mill {merranderie}, raw oak staves are stacked in an open chimney style next to the lake.


Specializing in thin-stave Bordeaux barrels, BOSSUET house toast uses an extensive amount of water to achieve the desired colored and aroma. The majority of Jean-Louis’s barrels are made with this house toast. Production of Tonnellerie BOSSUET is limited: 8,500 barrels is the annual objective.