Tonnellerie BOSSUET is artisanal coopering, the antidote to mass production. Jean-Louis BOSSUET built his stave mill and cooperage from the ground up. He travels to the forest to select his trees and sends his log truck to bring back his purchases. With a home overlooking the mill, cooperage and oak aging park, Jean-Louis is the man in charge.

BOSSUET oak staves are stacked with wide spaces in a chimney style. Open spacing allows for moisture and wind to access and age the staves evenly. Stacked next to Jean-Louis’s man-made lake, the oak staves benefit from the year-round moisture and micro-flora present in the mini-ecosystem. Harsher compounds and excess tannins are leached out as the oak ages. Brown rivulets running away from the staves are indicative that the process is working.

The art of coopering is alive and well in Jean-Louis’ atelier; Tonnellerie BOSSUET barrels are each made from start to finish by individual coopers working with the staves through all stages, the cooper can fine-tune his technique to bring the best out of each oak barrel. Thin-stave production (21/22 mm thickness) is practiced with minimal planing of the aged interior surface. The dark, aromatic penetration of the BOSSUET house toast is perfected through the judicious use of water during the barrel’s firing.

Bousset_Benefits-2In France, BOSSUET barrels have found their way into some of the top Bordeaux wines of Pomerol, St. Emilion, and the Medoc.   Jean-
Louis’ house-toasted, thin-stave Bordeaux barrels are known for their integration, roundness, rich tannins that melt into the wine, and soft, sweet finish. If you are seeking high-quality, value-oriented French oak barrels made with artisanal love, look to Tonnellerie BOSSUET.