Winemaker Testimonials BOSSUET


“Whether used with our Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc or Merlot, the Bossuet barrels from vintage to vintage consistently enhances these varieties and takes them to another quality level. What more do I want from a barrel.  Integration, elegance and balance, these are all the features of a Bossuet barreled wine and at an amazing price. Across the board, the most consistent, quality producing barrel in our cellar.”
~Jeff Keene, Winemaker, Cornerstone Cellars

“Jean-Louis Bossuet is recognized by other coopers of France as one of the best merandier (forest expert/stave market). Bossuet oak barrels are known for their elegance and beauty, enhancing the flavors and intensity of outstanding wines the world over. I use 100 percent Bossuet barrels on all the Pott wines and a large percentage with my clients. Why? I can’t put it any more simply than quality!”
~Aaron Pott, Pott Wines & Huis Clos consulting

“Bossuet is one of the few coopers we would consider using 100% of on a wine. The barrels have a remarkable ability to integrate with the fruit in the short term while still showing well during long term aging. Furthermore, the price to quality ratio with these barrels might be the best we have seen from any cooper.”
~Graham Wehmeier, Winemaker, Merryvale Vineyards

“Don’t Buy Bossuet barrels unless you want 90+ scoring wines.”
~Ray Einberger, Winemaker emeritus, Columbia Crest Winery

“We have been buying Bossuet barrels for 10 years, and have not been disappointed, and by the way, the price is excellent”
~Francois L Bugue, Associate Winemaker, Cain Winery

“I started using Bossuet barrels in 1994 and liked them right from the start. They add balanced structure to my wines while respecting the fruit character. The toasting is consistent and so is the tannin extraction into the wine. Bossuet has always done very well in trials as well. I recommend Bossuet for medium to highly structured Cabernet Sauvignon and highly structured Merlot.”
~Craig MacLean, winemaker, MacLean Wines

“Bossuet barrels compliment our wines with style and grace. I see consistent results that few coopers are able to match. These barrels allow the fruit to express itself while contributing balanced structure.”
~ Trester Goetting, Winemaker, Krupp Brothers

“We have used Jean-Louis Bossuet’s barrels for over 10 years for our estate grown Merlot, Cabernet and Bordeaux-style blended wines. They consistently elevate our vineyards’ strong natural identity while adding suppleness to the wine’s structure and extending palate length. The wood quality has always been excellent and stave wood properly air dried and we have found the toasting to favor aromatic complexity and subtle elegance over simple overt toastiness. These are reliably among out favorite barrels each vintage and pricing has always been extremely reasonable. “
~Andy Smith, Winemaker, Larkmead Vineyards