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Burgundy, France

~ 2015 Price List~


Available proprietary toasts include: Maison (M), Special Toast (ST), Chauffe Light & Long (CLL), and Grand Cru (GC)

Barrel StyleQuantityOrders placed by
April 30th, 2015
Order placed after
May 1st, 2015
Bordeaux export
Burgundy export
1 - 9720 Euros750 Euros
715 Euros
710 Euros
745 Euros
740 Euros
50-132700 Euros730 Euros
132 or more690 Euros720 Euros
~36 months air-dried fine grain oak is offered at 50 Euros more per barrel.
~All export barrels are available in Maison.
~The lighter CLL toast is only offered with 36 months air-dried "Select Nicolas" oak.
~Wooden hoops, specific oak origins, Grand Cru toast, toasted heads and painted hoops cost 20 Euros per barrel.
"Prestige" selection880 Euros910 Euros
500 liter puncheon - 3yr. selection
(quantity discounts available)
1220 Euros1250 Euros

Nicolas Tarteret personally selects the French oak wood for de MERCUREY’s Prestige barrel. All staves are naturally air-dried for a minimum of three years. Each stave is required to have an average grain of 1.5 mm or less. The Prestige barrel is created for highly concentrated wines destined to mature for a minimum of 15 months.

De MERCUREY Prices are delivered duty paid
to American Canyon, CA.

To order new Tonnellerie de MERCUREY barrels in 2014, please call our office at 415.457.3955

Prices subject to change without prior notice.