“Tonnellerie Mercurey barrels, have over the last 10 years become an integral cooper in our chardonnay program. The consistency of their barrels and the quality of the finished wine have been proven time and time again in our trials. Their ability to integrate seamlessly on the palate and add depth of flavor, while still respecting the fruit makes them one of the most useful cooper in our chardonnay program.”

~ Richie Allen, winemaker, Rombauer Vineyards


“I have been a de Mercurey customer since the beginning, but when I tasted a Grand Cru de Mercurey in Burgundy in 2000, I was amazed. That barrel is now a major component for my Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir and Syrah programs giving depth, length, and persistence not found in other barrels.”

-Bruce McGuire, Winemaker, Santa Barbara Winery/Lafond

merc-testimonial-3“Tonnellerie de Mercurey and its CLL toasting regime have widened the flavor and aroma profile of our Chardonnay; it is a barrel that respects the vintage and the vineyard. Each year, we have complete confidence that the de Mercurey barrels will be a welcome addition to our wines.”

~Eric Stern, winemaker emeritus, Landmark Vineyards


“I have been using Tonnellerie De Mercurey barrels for ten years at De Ponte Cellars in Oregon. My goal is to make fine and elegant Burgundian style Pinot Noir, and these barrels exemplify this perfectly. Year after year, I do like their consistent quality, the roundness, and the complexity they add to my wines. Tonnellerie De Mercurey barrels are the backbone of my barrel regimen.”

~Isabelle Dutartre, winemaker, De Ponte Cellars and 1789 Wines, Oregon

merc-testimonial-5“Grgich Hills Estate has been using Tonnellerie de MERCUREY barrels for over ten years. They are a large part of our white barrel program. We are particularly impressed with the consistent quality and craftsmanship over the years. We find that the CLL toasting regime adds a depth and complexity without overt oakiness, allowing the wine to express the true terroir of the vineyard.”

~Gary Ecklin, assistant winemaker, Grgich Hills Estate





“I find that year in and year out wines aged in Tonnellerie de Mercurey barrels have a finesse in their structure and makes them a key component in our blend making. At Schug, our focus is on elegant and long mouth feel and de Mercurey barrels deliver this in spades. The toast and fine grained tannins are a perfect compliment to our Carneros grown wines, helping to build pleasant structure without overpowering the signature of the vineyard source of the fruit.”

~Mike Cox, Schug Carneros Estate



merc-testimonial-4“I have been using De Mercurey barrels since I started my label in 1999. I love how they hit out the mid-palate, give great texture and spice to the wine. De Mercurey is an indispensable part of my Pinot and Chardonnay programs.”

-Mat Gustafson, Winemaker, Paul Mathew Vineyards