VINEA Éclat French oak barrels

VINEA Éclat French oak barrels

Éclat French oak barrels come from Tonnellerie VINEA, the workshop at Saint Germain de Lusignan. The owner, Jean Christophe Varron, has spent over 35 years working and innovating in the cooperage world.

The oak for Éclat barrels is sourced from five different méranderies. This “haute futaie” is exceptionally fine-grained wood from predominantly government managed forests where intensively spaced trees are progressively thinned over centuries. Éclat is a tight grain selection where 80% of the staves have growth rings between 1mm – 1.5mm. Commitment to natural air-drying is 24 months minimum.

Benoit Torcheboeuf is the chief cooper and guiding light for the tonnellerie’s production team. He is a member of the exclusive Compagnons du Tour de France, an organization of craftsmen and artisans dating back to the Middle Ages. As Compagnon, Benoit is one of a select few coopers in the world.

After bending via traditional oak fires, Éclat barrels are “cooked” via Ceramic Radiant technology to uniformly penetrate the entire stave without smoke, tar, or blisters. These French oak barrels are valuable to winemakers looking for purity, integration, freshness, and sucrosity.

Burgundy export barrel, 27mm, tight grain selection750 Euros
Bordeaux export, 27mm, tight grain selection

Bordeaux thin stave barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection
755 Euros

775 Euros
Bordeaux château ferré barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection785 Euros
Bordeaux traditional barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection820 Euros
Puncheon, 500 liters, 27mm, tight grain selection

Add 25 Euros per barrel for orders placed after May 31, 2017.
1,240 Euros

All prices quoted DDP American Canyon, CA and subject to change without notice.
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