VINEA Éclat French oak barrels

VINEA Éclat French oak barrels

In a world of sameness, what would make a difference to you? The Éclat French oak barrel by VINEA is the spark of a new reality. The Éclat is an innovative wine making tool from Jean Christophe Varron, the father of VINEA and deep ceramic toasting. The focus of VINEA Éclat French oak barrels is to preserve and amplify the pure and natural qualities of your wine.

Mr. Varron selects 24 months French oak, builds the new barrels at his own cooperage, and applies a toast regime unlike any other. It’s about a consistent heat signature with full penetration and release of the magic inside the staves. Color is an affectation in Jean Christophe’s opinion. Just as stereo audiophiles strive to reproduce unadulterated recordings, the Éclat is the bell tone of that concept with wine barrels. Examine the purity in your wine. Experience the VINEA Éclat in your cellar.

Burgundy export barrel, 27mm, tight grain selection730 Euros
Bordeaux export and Bordeaux thin stave barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection740 Euros
Bordeaux château ferré barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection755 Euros
Bordeaux traditional barrel, 22mm, tight grain selection810 Euros
Puncheon, 500 liters, 27mm, tight grain selection

Add 25 Euros per barrel for orders placed after May 15, 2017.
1,190 Euros

All prices quoted DDP American Canyon, CA and subject to change without notice.
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