The McLaughlin family business is dedicated, stable, diversified and financially strong, all crucial requirements to maintaining oak inventories and high quality production.

KELVIN Cooperage has long-standing relationships with its two major American oak suppliers and ages all the oak outside the cooperage in Louisville.


With annual rainfall at Louisville averaging 44 inches, KELVIN staves are thoroughly washed and seasoned, leaving only subtle, sweet tannins for your wine. In 2001, Paul McLaughlin worked closely with Ridge Vineyards to develop a new toasting process, eventually called the HydraTM toast. Using a unique treatment during the fire toasting cycle, richer, more robust sweet oak characteristics were developed. The HydraTM toast evolution changed KELVIN’s barrels and business for the better.


Neverkelvin-benifits-3 ones to stop improving, in 2010 the KELVIN RESERVE barrel was introduced. Coupling tight -grain (16 growth rings per inch minimum) three year aged American oak with the next evolution of the HydraTM, the Hydra RESERVE toast, the cooperage is excited to develop more complexity and richness in their barrels.

The KELVIN RESERVE barrel Is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to costly French oak barrels. At less than 5,000 new wine barrels a year, KELVIN COOPERAGE is a wonderful, cost effective alternative to mass production. Develop a strong relationship with coopers who lister, learn, and provide you with excellent oak aging tools for your wines. Buy new KELVIN barrels and benefit…