The KELVIN Reserve Barrel


Kelvin_reserveThe KELVIN RESERVE barrel is a high quality, low-cost alternative to expensive French oak barrels. This limited production barrel is made from hand-selected, tight grain American oak staves (an average of 16 or more growth rings per inch) naturally air-dried for a minimum of 24 months, sourced from either Minnesota or Kentucky forests.

The KELVIN RESERVE barrel features the new Hydra RESERVE™   toasting process. The Hydra RESERVE™ toast introduces an extended mid-toast steaming process that softens and rounds oak tannins and deepens the toast penetration resulting in a more subtle and complex set of flavors.

The marriage between tight grain, well-aged American oak and deep, slow oak fire toasts results   in a slower,   reserved oak tannin extraction and a toast that does not overpower your fruit but brings richness through its complexity. This combination will also yield significant oak flavor impact during the second and third fills, thereby extending the life and usage of your barrels.

2014 KELVIN RESERVE barrels

  • Kentucky or Minnesota oak, minimum of 24 months naturally air-dried
  • Tight-grain hand selection of 16 growth rings per inch or more
  • Hydra RESERVE™  toast (rough equivalent to Medium long)
  • Bordeaux 225 liter, Burgundy 228 liter, or 265 liter/70* gallon sizes
    available • Price: $420.00 each


As production is limited, there are no quantity discounts.

The above per barrel price is quoted FOB American Canyon, CA (Billet’s humidified warehouse).

* 265 L (70 gallon) barrels are available for $20 more per barrel.

To learn more or to order your Kelvin RESERVE barrels, call us at 415.457.3955