FERM-RITE™ Fermentation Bungs

ferm-riteThe most important benefit of the FERM-RITE™ fermentation bung is peace of mind for the winemaker. FERM-RITE’s unique two-piece design allows the fermentation bung to stay in the barrel, releasing pressure when necessary. The bung is made from 100% FDA approved, food grade pure silicone rubber, a durable material resistant to sulfur dioxide.

During the vigorous fermentation stage, the bung stays firmly in place, allowing pressure to release while remaining air tight, keeping your wine safe from oxidation and fruit flies. As the wine evaporates over time, the liquid level inside the barrel drops, creating suction to draw the top piece of the FERM-RITE™; fermentation bung down. This vacuum seal eliminates the possibility of further oxidation. Winemakers no longer have to worry about watching every fermenting barrel. Large and small cellars alike benefit from this peace of mind.

In contrast to other single hole ventilating bungs, FERM-RITE™; fermentation bungs have four ventilation holes. Clogging as well as bung blowout under pressure is a thing of the past with the four-hole design.

Due to strict manufacturing processes, the surfaces of the bung are perfectly smooth. This is noticeable in the four ventilation holes and on the outside surface in contact with the barrel bunghole. These polished surfaces are very resistant to sedimentary deposits, allowing consistently better ventilation, durability and easy cleanup.

Sanitation is a priority for every winemaker. Fermenting barrels in stacks and cleaning the wine barrels present unique concerns. Overflow from fermenting barrels can collect on the barrels below, sometimes falling onto the bung. Washing barrels introduces water directly onto the bung. Unlike more exposed fermentation bungs, FERM-RITE’s umbrella type design keeps liquid from collecting on the bung or entering the barrel. FERM-RITE’s bung design maintains the utmost level of sanitation and ultimately keeps your wine safe.

Sized to fit 50mm bung holes – Burgundy, orange and yellow colored tops: add $0.20

Part Number #1012
1-499 pieces
Price: $5.10 each

500-999 pieces
Price: $4.85 each

1000+ pieces
Price: $4.60 each

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