Hose Cleaning Sponge Rubber Balls

Wine Hose Cleaning
Our hose cleaning sponge rubber balls are another Boswell Company innovation. Imported from Germany, they allow winemakers to mechanically clean wine hoses and stainless steel transfer lines.

The wine hose cleaning procedure is extremely simple. Compress one or two sponge rubber balls into the hose and push the balls through with water pressure. Then, repeat as necessary.

Strong t.s.p. solutions appear to have very little effect on the sponge rubber material. You can expect the balls to be very durable and reusable for a relatively long period of time.

The Boswell Company expects that you will achieve better sanitation by using sponge rubber balls for hose cleaning. Also, some winemakers may potentially reduce water and/or chemical use by employing sponge balls in their hose cleaning procedures.

Hose Sizes
1″ – Part Number: 5000
Price: $3.95 each

1.5″ – Part Number: 5001
Price: $5.95 each

2″ – Part Number: 5002
Price: $8.95 each

3″ – Part Number: 5003
Price: $13.95 each

4″ – Part Number: 5004
Price: $19.95 each

5″ – Part Number: 5005
Price: $35.95 each

6″ – Part Number: 5006
Price: $49.95 each

All prices subject to change without notice.

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