Barrel Wafers and Segments from VINEA

Barrel wafers

VINEA is the French leader in oak alternatives. Fire-toasted oak barrel wafers and segments from VINEA reproduce the characteristics of a classic French wine barrel.

Price: $185.00 Each
Fire or Ceramic toast
7cm x 5cm x 1cm, ten kilograms
260% (2.6) new barrel impact per unit per 60 gallons

SQ SuperMix Segments:
Price: $165.00 Each
7cm x 5cm x 1cm, ten kilograms
260% (2.6) new barrel impact per unit per 60 gallons

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Sensory Effects

Our fire-toasted segments are respectful of the fruit, creating a slow and progressive wood extraction similar to Barrels. Usage widens the aromatic profile of the wine to contribute notes of vanilla, spiciness, toasted and roasted characters according to wood quality. There is often an increasing feeling of sweetness and increased volume and structure of mouth feel. VINEA delvers length, roundness, elegance.


Technicle Specifications

Technical Specifications: Wafers/Fire Toasting
Wood OriginFrench Oak, Center of France (Loches, Berce, Jupille, Chateauroux)
Grain Selection
Fine Grain
DryingNatural air drying for at least 36 months (wood yard in poitiers)
Toasting With brasero, cooper style. Open wood fire.
UseOn whites and reds.
During aging time, from malolactic fermentation.
Contact timeAt least 6 months for batch of wine.
Possibility of passing several wines over the same staves.
5 kg bags = 1,3 Barrels (225L)
12 Months of use.
Description 7cm x 5cm x 1cm
Analysis and Control Organophosphorus pesticides, organochlorine pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides, halophenols, benzo(a)pyrene.